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Wooden toys: perfect eco-friendly gift

Wooden games for safe and environmentally friendly learning.

It is well known that playing is a fundamental activity for the growth and cognitive development of every child.

In fact, playful activity supports learning and makes it more stimulating and enjoyable.

Making this activity environmentally sustainable is very important.

In fact, it helps children and parents to get in touch with the eco-logical world, right from birth.

If you are wondering:

“But can a game be ecological?”

The answer is:

Absolutely yes!

And often if it is ecological it is even safer!

Wooden games are among these and they can be found for all ages and tastes, always respecting the current safety regulations.

The game is good when it is safe

A toy, before educating and entertaining, must be safe for children to use.

For this reason it is good to prefer an ecological toy with natural materials.

As stated on the website of the Ministry of Health , there are several parameters to understand if a toy is suitable for all children.

The compliance of a product with the directives in force is an important requirement for a toy to be safe and usually its origin certifies its quality.

Furthermore, a toy must not be able to be disassembled into parts that are too small to be ingested, must not have pointed parts or mechanisms and motors accessible to the child.

If you are looking for wooden games you will see that they are the safest, in fact in general the wooden games , if ecological, do not contain toxic components or dyes.

In fact, they are specifically designed to be the safest among the ecological toys for children .

Why prefer ecological games

The wooden games for children can be of a thousand types, but they are all made of natural materials that protect children.

If we then consider that at the end of its cycle of use the toy will become waste like any other, it is good that it is biodegradable.

Choosing toys made of wood or with natural materials, allows you to lighten the environment from further non-biodegradable waste that would remain in the ecosystem for hundreds of years.

An article by Altro Consumo warns against buying toys, proposing a list of points to follow, especially if they are bought online.

Montessori wooden games

As with all toys, ecological ones also follow the child’s age and the most suitable learning method.

Among the most famous are the Montessori wooden games , which favor the sensory experience and encourage the little ones to be independent in the game, always under the supervision of parents or teachers.

Furthermore, the surrounding environment is structured in such a way as to make it free to act, without interference from adults.

Montessori wooden games accompany the child in his cognitive and physical growth following the “help me do it alone” method.

The thought of Maria Montessori translates as one of the most famous methods regarding the creation of toys.

Another is the Waldorf method of Rudolf Steiner , the philosopher who creates a learning system based on the relationship between man and the cosmos, in which the creativity and emotionality of the child are an integral part of growth.

Wooden games: the best to give as gifts

If you are looking for a birthday present or Christmas games for children you are in the right place!

But which are the most loved and most requested?

Maybe you will think of the classic wooden dollhouse or toy cars, or even soft toys and dinosaurs.

In this selection you will find games that can be chosen indiscriminately for boys and girls!

Let’s go and see them together to understand which can be the most suitable for age, style and method.

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