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Perfect home office in 5 simple steps

1: Find a corner where you want to work

The first step in setting up a small home office will obviously be identifying the space dedicated to work. Do you think you can work one day from the sofa, another day from the kitchen table? These changes will not help maintain workplace abundance. To create a daily routine, find a distraction-free corner with enough space for your computer and work equipment and stick to this location! As not all of us are lucky enough to have a proper home studio, our workstation doesn’t have to be in a separate work room. Try to make the most of the space available, whether it’s in the living room, kitchen, or dining room.

Keep in mind, however, that smart working in many companies will remain a more or less constant practice in the future. So why not establish a fixed solution for your home office as well? An idea to consider would be the division of the open space with a double- sided bookcase to create a comfortable study or office corner. Are you curious how to make it? Take some ideas from this article.

2: Beware of your back – the ergonomic chair is a must!

To avoid annoying back pain or neck pain, it would be wise to buy a good office chair. We realize that sliding chairs often don’t go easily with more classic furnishings. But we are also more than sure that your back deserves a task chair with adjustable height and will thank you in the future.

3: Optimize the lighting

When our work is done at the corporate headquarters, we often don’t have to pay as much attention to the light as it is the responsibility of others. To take care of your vision and to maintain concentration, however, try to recreate similar conditions in the home.

Place your desk near or in front of the window to make the most of daylight . The central light is also worth looking into: the chandelier bulbs should give a uniform, clear light – maybe you need to change them? To complete the lighting in your studio, think about a folding table lamp.

4: Everything in its place – organize your desk space

The biggest challenge that awaits us when we are smart is not to be distracted by the usual domestic affairs. If you too often can’t resist emptying a washing machine or arranging your children’s toys during work hours, help yourself with some rules that will allow you to keep distractions under control.

Rule number one: order on the desk! Try not to clutter up the space dedicated to work with useless objects that remind you of personal matters. A proximity rule can be applied: keep everything you use really often close at hand, hiding all other items in the drawers, or moving them to the opposite corner of the desk. Even simple desk accessories , containers, baskets, organizers and folders can do wonders for mental order and concentration. To get rid of the various junk, consider purchasing a wicker box or basket that will also be able to give character to your workstation!

5: Take a break!

To be even more efficient at work, remember to take breaks ! According to several studies, the moment when we feel most overwhelmed by responsibilities is just the right time to take a step back and rethink our workflow and our priorities. To put it into practice, you also need a corner where you can rest and free yourself from unnecessary confusion.
If you can still find some space in your home office, why not opt ​​for a real relaxation corner? A nice bean bag, a light chain, a poster with motivational phrases, a floor plan – all these can be useful for creating your own oasis of comfort.


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