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How to build wooden toys on wheels

When you want to give a child a gift, you always think about buying toys. This is one of the best ideas, since children love this kind of surprises. The only dilemma is deciding which toys to choose to keep them happy. Furthermore, it is advisable to evaluate how functional and educational it is. The games are readily available in any toy store and large supermarket and the choice is huge. But if your intention is to save, try to make it yourself with your own hands. Using simple and easy-to-work materials. For this type of construction, woodis the most suitable. Since it is possible to give it any shape and it is easy to model. Then decorate it as you wish. So make sure you have everything you need and get started. In the following guide I will explain how to build wooden toys on wheels.

Materials you’ll need are:

  • A pine wood tablet 20X5 cm
  • A wooden cylinder with a diameter of half a centimeter and a length of 15 cm
  • A jigsaw
  • A drill with a 0.5 cm bit, a 2 cm bit and a 4 cm cup cutter.
  • Sand paper
  • Hammer
  • Clamp

Choose the toy and draw the outline

The first thing you need to do is to choose which toy to make. Toys on wheels are always the most popular and sought after by children. In this case I suggest you build a toy car. To begin, draw the outline on a piece of paper. This you can create according to your imagination. Or taking a cue from an existing model. The latter can be obtained from the web, by connecting to the specific sites and guides or to some specialized magazines. Once you have chosen the model, start drawing the outline on a piece of paper. Take a pencil and draw a rectangle. Keeping in mind that the car must be sixteen centimeters long and five centimeters high.

Return and cut out the drawing on the tablet

At this point you have to bring the model of the machine back on the tablet. Then take the sheet and lay it on top of the wood. Start at one end and mark the holes as well, which you will need for the wheel and window axles. Then holding the board firmly in place with the clamp, cut along the marked edge, using the jigsaw. As you perform this work, be very careful not to cross the marked lines.

Drill and cut the various parts of the wooden toy on wheels

Now drill two holes for the wheel axles, using the drill with the half-centimeter twist drill bit. Then drill the window too, using the two centimeter wood drill bit. Using the rest of the tablet from twenty centimeters by five and cutting the wheels with the aid of the cup cutter. Build the four supports of the wheel axles, obtained from the wooden cylinder with dimensions of seven and a half centimeters. Make the four wheels out of four plywood floors. Work them with the rasp, squeezing them together with a vise. In order to obtain the four cylinders, which you are going to drill. Then take a drill and with the half-centimeter bit, make the hole for the axle on each wheel. Then form the groove necessary for the passage of the boards.

Assemble and complete the wooden toy on wheels

After you have drilled and cut all the supports, move on to complete the wooden toy on wheels. Turn the vehicle over and trace the position occupied by the wheel supports, then glue them together. Sand all the edges and insert the axles into the wheels. Pounding them lightly with a hammer, until they protrude sideways on the opposite side. Then insert the axles into the car and position the remaining wheels on the opposite side. Finally, to make the car more beautiful, paint it with enamels with bright colors suitable for wood. Or alternatively, decorate it with the decoupage technique. Using the card of your choice. Here’s how to build wooden toys on wheels.

Advice to never forget:

  • Be careful when cutting wood
  • Use gloves when building the wooden toy

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