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Home Gym: The best fitness equipment for your cardio training

Fitness equipment for the home is not only ideal in winter. You can train undisturbed around the clock in your own fitness room. Here you will find the best cardio equipment for your endurance training in the home gym.

Tired of subordinating your training plan to the weather? Would you prefer to train undisturbed at home instead of looking stylish in the gym?

High time to set up your home gym. We’ll show you which fitness equipment will really make you sweat during cardio training at home and give you tips for efficient training on your home trainer.


Staying in one place consistently during exercise can be so effective: namely on the treadmill.

Although outdoor runners usually find the indoor training yawning boring, the advantages are obvious: the running workout is possible at any time and varied programs also increase the fun factor when killing calories. Some also watch their favorite series all the time.

The many individual functions of this treadmill are unbeatable: the numerous route profiles and training programs ensure variety and motivation on the treadmill.

Depending on the incline function selected, the running surface is automatically raised.

Ideal for sprinters: the extremely powerful motor allows speeds of up to 22km/h!

Innovative: self-powered

Unlike classic treadmills, this innovative training device works without a motor.

The curved running surface is set in motion solely by your muscle power and also comes to a standstill again.

This burns even more calories while running, saves electricity and protects the environment at the same time.

Inexpensive: treadmill

This inexpensive treadmill is particularly suitable for apartments with little space. The slim running surface can be easily folded in if necessary and can be stowed away to save space after use.

The most important training information such as time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate are displayed on the console.

The treadmill can be used interactively in combination with a smart TV and is ideal for occasional runners and beginners.

How to train effectively with the treadmill:

  • Check training: Heart rate, speed and intervals can be checked very well. Important here: the optimal training heart rate. Measure your resting heart rate before getting up in the morning and easily calculate your training heart rate.
  • Calm posture:  Align your head and upper body as calmly and forward as possible. This gives you more dynamics in the run. Smaller stride lengths result in faster, energy-saving running.
  • Don’t Jump: Avoid jumping movements because they increase impact load on the back and joints and prevent optimal forward movement. Keep up and down movements to a minimum.
  • Align your head straight: Especially during longer training sessions, you tend to wander around with your eyes. You should avoid that if possible. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that you lose your balance or step on the edge of the treadmill while jogging and possibly fall backwards or to the side off the belt.

Cross trainer

You can burn up to 800 calories per hour on a cross trainer. Not only will your legs get going, but your entire upper body as well.

Another plus: Your workout on the cross trainer is effective and easy on the joints at the same time.

Effective: Entry-level cross trainer

This stable cross trainer impresses above all with its great price-performance ratio.

For a relatively low price you get a solid entry-level model for cardio training at home.

The simple model is space-saving and quiet – ideal for your own fitness room.

Economical: cross trainer with power generator

With this innovative cross trainer, you generate the electricity you need to drive yourself. So you don’t need a cable or a socket and you can place it flexibly in your home on the transport castors.

For outdoor lovers: with the associated app, real running conditions can be simulated on the device, which are shown on video.


This is how you train effectively with the cross trainer:

  • Join hands: Firmly enclose the handles to engage upper body muscles. In this way you avoid pendulum movements in which you swerve your hips to the left and right and risk discomfort in the spine.
  • Proper stance: Stand up straight, lean your body forward a little. Straighten your legs as you run, but without locking your knees completely. In this way you avoid problems in the lumbar region and in the knees. Extra tip: Some athletes’ feet fall asleep during the workout. Therefore, make sure you take breaks and run a few turns backwards every now and then, or reduce the resistance.
  • No bunions: Walking on tiptoe or ball of foot puts stress on the forefoot area. If possible, always keep your whole foot in contact with the pedal platforms. Then the thigh and buttock muscles will benefit even more.
  • Not Reading: Avoid reading during the workout. Covering the display prevents training control, and reading leads to a slouched posture.

Indoor cycling

With indoor cycling, the pounds tumble with every rotation: Spinning is a top calorie killer.

The training primarily uses the leg and butt muscles and is also ideal for beginners.

The integrated flywheel also makes cycling on the ergometer particularly easy on the joints.

Space-saving: foldable bicycle trainer

If you don’t have much space and only train occasionally, you’ve come to the right place with this bicycle trainer: the flexible exercise bike is foldable and comparatively light.

The most important training data can be read off a small, battery-operated training computer.

Classic: exercise bike

This functional speed bike is limited to the essentials: cycling. Here amateur athletes can simply kick off and train their endurance.

The flywheel is set in motion by a belt drive – this makes the drive quiet and low-maintenance.

The most important data on distance, calories and heart rate are displayed at a glance on the console.

Individual: Roller trainer for your own bike

If you don’t want to do without your own bike at home, you can ride it indoors with a roller trainer.

The bike is simply fastened in the holder. The frame simulates driving behavior on the road.

Ideal for cyclists who don’t want to be slowed down by snow and ice.

Interactive: live spinning at the peloton

You can choose between different sweaty courses on the large display and feel like you’re in a spinning course in the studio.

In addition, you can compete in numerous live courses with other trainers and motivate each other. Sweat factor? High!

This is how you train effectively with the bicycle ergometer:

  • Sitting Properly: Assume a position on the stationary bike with your back straight and your arms supporting you. Elbows are slightly bent, shoulders are relaxed. You choose the distance between the handlebars and the saddle so that the upper body is inclined between 45 and 65 degrees. Well-trained bikers sit more bent over. The balls of your feet are above the pedal axles.
  • Leg extension: When adjusting the height of the saddle, make sure that the angle between the lower leg and thigh at the lower end of the movement is no more than 170 degrees. If the seat is set too high, this can lead to knee problems in the long run.
  • Do not hunchback: Anyone who trains with a hunched back risks pain in the thoracic and lumbar spine as well as in the cervical spine area. The optimal back position: straighten the shoulder girdle, pull out the chest, and get into a stable trunk position.
  • Shoulders down: When the shoulders are pulled up, the neck muscles become tense. The resulting lack of blood flow can lead to a tension headache. Instead, consciously pull your shoulders down and your shoulder blades together behind you.

Rowing machines

Rowing is the perfect full body workout. Training on the rowing machine not only boosts endurance, but also strengthens the entire body like no other training device.

Anyone who rows regularly strengthens the back muscles particularly effectively and can thus prevent back pain.

Space-saving: rowing machine for the home

For flexible storage, the fitness device is foldable and has transport wheels.

The high flywheel mass ensures a smooth rowing stroke. Among other things, the number of strokes is shown on the display to check your rowing rhythm.

Powerful: rowing machine

With the app-compatible console with tablet holder, the rowing machine can be linked to various training programs and enables e.g. B. a race in multiplayer mode.

But classic rowers also get their money’s worth. The 15-degree incline ensures a natural rowing movement and the intuitive multifunction display shows all important training data.

High quality: rowing machine with water resistance

Indoor training couldn’t be more natural: the stylish made of high-quality wood works with water resistance.

The heart of this training device is the water tank. Inside is an ergonomically shaped paddle that ensures an even and realistic rowing stroke in the water.

Unlike classic rowing machines, the resistance here is regulated by the strength of the rowing pull.

Important rowing data such as the number of strokes and distance can also be read off the training computer.

How to train effectively with the rowing machine:

  • Pay attention to posture: Keep your back straight and your torso tensed at all times. The elbows are kept close to the body and the legs are never fully extended.
  • Right intensity:  In order to keep up rowing, it is essential to set the optimal load intensity. You should definitely check your heart rate during training. You can use your resting heart rate to calculate your optimum training heart rate.
  • Observe the sequence: First you push yourself off with your legs and lean your upper body slightly backwards. Only then do you use your arms. Do exactly the opposite on the way back.
  • Keeping the Rhythm: Pull the handles back quickly and explosively with a lot of force. Then slowly return to the starting position. You can check your stroke number on the display. Beginners are around 20 beats per minute.

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