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Home fitness equipment for less money

For some time now, home fitness equipment has been all the rage. In fact, little space (and even less money) is enough to train properly, stay fit and relax the body and mind. From the fitness ball to the yoga mat, from the elastic bands to the step through the rope without rope (the neighbors thank you), here is the best we have found on the net.

The elastic bands

The elastic bands allow you to keep fit by spending very little. Useful and easy to use tool, it allows numerous exercises and allows you to strengthen the muscles of the arms, buttocks, shoulders, abdominals, back and torso. In short, it is a great idea for a complete exercise and in addition it has a minimal footprint. Just close the band in itself and store it in a drawer.

The yoga mat

The ideal companion for any sports equipment, the yoga mat allows you to train on the ground comfortably and correctly, avoiding contact with the cold of the floor. 183 centimeters long, 59.5 centimeters wide and one centimeter thick, it comes with a small accessory that allows you to keep it closed so as to take up little space. In addition there is also a practical handle to carry it with you.

The modular fitness mat

Similar to the previous one, the modular fitness mat allows you to transform a room or a corner of the house into a real gym. Like the pieces of a puzzle , in fact, the eighteen 30 × 30 cm Eva “tiles” of the kit can be assembled as you prefer. The thickness of one centimeter insulates the body from the cold of the floor while the foam is perfectly waterproof. In addition to bodyweight exercises, the mat can be used as a base for other equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills.

Low cost weights

Weights are the zero degree of any home workout. Here we find a pair of dumbbells of different weights. They are available from one to 5 kilos and there is also a complete set that allows you to have them all while saving something. The cast iron core is covered in neoprene, a fabric that guarantees the right roughness so that they do not escape but also the possibility of washing them. In addition, they have a flat profile to prevent them from slipping off.

Home fitness tools: suspension straps

Setup is simple. Just anchor the suspension straps to the door, a joist to a bar or other rigid structure and you’re done. Of course, they can also be used outdoors and are so small that they can even fit in a backpack or suitcase.

The abdominal wheel

An ab wheel that aims to reduce the risk of muscle injury. As part of the competition, we have a single wheel here, easier to carry around but also more complex to use, for beginners. The reason? It all comes down to the necessary balance that you have to get used to, at least for the first few sessions. Precisely for this reason, it is sold with a mat that has the task of both preserving the floor from any marks, however difficult given the soft plastic of which the Power Guidance is composed, and to simplify the resistance during loading and descent, remodeling balance.

Ball for fitness

The fitness ball (or gym ball) is the ideal tool for yoga and pilates, for training and relieving the back. This PVC ball is strong and sturdy and offers a load capacity of up to 998 kilos. It can then be deflated for storage and re- inflated when needed with the supplied pump. It is available in three sizes to match the different height of the person . The one with a diameter of 55 centimeters is recommended for people from 142 to 160 centimeters, the one from 65 from 162 to 177 centimeters and the largest, 75 centimeters, from 180 to 193 centimeters.

Home fitness tools: the step

For a good cardio workout in extreme economy there is the step. It is nothing more than a step to go up and down by alternating movements but also a way to train the arms. This model is not only cheap but has an adjustable height in three levels to meet the various exercises and increase the difficulty as you upgrade. Lightweight and practical to store, it has a knurled surface that prevents slipping even when wet and then there is a mat so as not to damage the floor. In short, no more excuses.

The electronic string without string

Among the tools for doing fitness at home, this revised and corrected classic also appears. In fact, at the base there is always the jump rope, only now the knobs have sensors that inform us about the duration of the workout, the number of jumps performed and the calories burned. If desired, it can also warn us when we reach a certain goal. The most curious part is that if you want it can work even without a rope. In this case, two weights simulate the rotation of the cable allowing us to train without making noise and in any place, in the hotel as in the bedroom.

Home fitness tools: the kettlebell

It is one of the oldest gymnastic tools and for many it has now become an inseparable training partner. Therefore, it could not be missing among the best tools for fitness at home. In its extreme simplicity, it allows you to train the whole body, takes up very little space and needs no maintenance other than a dusting every now and then. Can be used indoors or outdoors, it adapts to numerous exercises that boost cardiovascular capacity or neuromuscular strength, flexibility or responsiveness. It is then available in different sizes, from 4 to 10 kilograms.

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