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Goodbye office, welcome workspace

The importance of the work environment, understood as a physical space, workplace, has become increasingly essential in the organization of companies and companies: over time, a new awareness of the innovative office as a strategic tool for abundance has been born., collaboration and growth.

Of course, for every company there are different characteristics to take into consideration, but the right office can really make a difference for workers, placing them in a more motivating context to face big challenges and new projects.

Among the ten workplace trends  three important factors must be taken into consideration:

  1. the increase of collaboration within co-working spaces that today act at a new level, being no longer a simple place for sharing physical space and resources, but also a tool for interaction between workers that encourages new approaches solving complex problems posed every day by various business projects.
  2. The management of physical space and the use of technology in the workplace allow workers to experience their environment in a new way: optimizing internal spaces can allow them to support work even outside the office walls. Cloud and smart working are just some of the examples from which to start.
  3. The prevention of health problems through ergonomic workstations, medical visits and a new approach to the physical and psychological well -being of employees can have positive repercussions on the community in which the company operates. The workplace can also be transformed into a place to take care of people.

Starting from these premises, we have selected three exemplary workplaces from which to draw inspiration, not only from a technological perspective, but for an overall revision of the corporate culture.

The “collaborative” university

If collaboration is the key word for the new approach to work,  flexibility is what will characterize the spaces from the point of view of the innovative office. Even apparently rigid locations can readjust and “move” for worker empowerment.

These are informal spaces, in which the classic reading rooms and furnishings that can be used to invent a completely personal environment.

Thanks to the flexibility of the spaces, companies can respond to the need for internal team collaboration, and architects should also be reminded of this need in the space design phase.

According to a study published, when workers do not have an assigned desk, the interaction between people grows by 17%: the ideal middle ground is to not completely eliminate the assigned seats in the office but to vary arranging teams over time, or using mobile desks, capable of responding to the different projects you are working on.

The sustainable way

As for design and creativity, it has been done and continues to teach. Important aspects that help develop the general well-being of workers in the company.

The current location is the result of a redevelopment of a former interior design showroom: two internal staircases have been maintained from the original project, while the very large spaces have been designed to give people breath and comfort. The large  glass walls  provide a notable possibility of natural lighting and the mechanical ventilation system allows you to control the air exchange without having to open the windows. This is a first important element in terms of energy saving, which allows to avoid heat dispersion.

All the furnishings are made with recycled materials and when possible natural, there are numerous green spaces and a shared external cloister.

In general, an environment marked by conviviality and eco-sustainability, in which there is also an  auditorium for internal and external events, an equipped kitchen and a “cinema room”.

The rigid separation between departments or the classic open space (now outdated as concepts) leave room for communicating units, which still maintain their own spaces, while a pose room is dedicated to the production team and the coffee area is also multiplied in different refreshment points.

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