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DIY Bird Toys: How To Make Bird Toys At Home

Toys are important objects for the mental stimulation of any animal. Here’s how to build DIY toys for birds, especially parrots.

Toys are very useful for the mental stimulation of domestic birds, so it is important that they do not harm the bird’s health. For this it may be necessary to make toys at home with non-toxic materials and that do not contain small pieces that could break and cause damage to the bird.

Here are 4 simple toys to build for your little and beloved bird,  with materials at hand and absolutely non-toxic for your friend.

DIY Bird Toys: 4 Simple Gamesa

Building toys for birds is not difficult, all you need is imagination and creativity. Below we propose 4 simple games for your bird to play with simple materials present in the house, reminding you that for birds the term “play” means “destroy”.

Totem for birds

To create a bird totem, you need kitchen twine of any length you like. Randomly string plastic balls, perforated bottle caps, and bird treats to chew on the string, tying a knot between each inserted object. Then tie a final knot and tie the totem to the roof or side of the bird ‘s cage so that the bird can have fun chewing on a bit of everything.

A pile of paper

You will need about 10 straws for this type of toy. Wrap the latter in the paper and join them together with a tie in the center tightly. Then tie the pile near the perch on the cage with another tie, so your bird can keep busy by tearing the paper from the straws slowly.


For this game you just need a cap, a pen cap can also work, just wash it and put it on the bottom of your bird ‘s cage to let the bird have fun. Or you can use a clean plastic cap from a water bottle. Your bird will inspect it, moving it all around the cage and finding different ways to hold it in its beak or claws.


Another game much loved by birds is the swing, as the bird loves to swing. For the construction of this toy you will need a twig and some strong rope or chains. Apply these to the twig and attach them to the cage ceiling at a height that your bird can lean on and swing.

The bird does not play with the new toy

Some pet birds , unfamiliar with toys, such as young birds, are frightened of something else. This aversion can be overcome with patience.

Leave the toy in sight of the bird while it is in the cage, observe its body language, bring the toy closer to it each day, eventually most birds will accept the strange object. Also you could play with the toy yourself in front of your bird and when the latter is on your hand, show it to him.

It may take a few days or much longer to desensitize a phobic bird, but with patience, most birds will accept the toy. Finally, remember that your bird ‘s favorite toy is you.

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