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Have you ever thought about building a lava lamp? Let’s find out how to make it together: just a few materials are enough to find out something about the density of liquids.

Building a lava lamp

Building a lava lamp requires materials that are easy to find. This is a great experiment with the density of liquids: it is easy to make and very beautiful to look at!

What it takes

  • a bit of water
  • a little vegetable oil (bad quality is fine)
  • an empty and transparent bottle
  • a few drops of food coloring (blue or red)
  • an effervescent tablet

How to make it

To build a lava lamp, first we put a quarter of water in the bottle and  dye it with a few drops of dye. We used blue dye because it stands out a lot from the color of the oil.

After that, on top of the first layer of our lava lamp, we create the second layer of oil . To do this, let’s pour  two quarters into the bottle . Be careful not to completely fill the bottle with water and oil: we also leave some free space ! The first thing we can observe is that oil and water do not mix: they remain two well separated layers.

How to stimulate children’s creativity? With a few simple materials and a pinch of imagination, let’s find out how to build a dream catcher. We can hang it in the room to chase away bad dreams!

How to build a colorful dream catcher

A little glue and a few drops of food coloring are enough to make a dream catcher with an unusual painting technique. Let’s find out how to easily make an object that will give children the opportunity to express their artistic skills!

What is needed

  • A plastic plate, preferably rough
  • Vinavil glue
  • Food coloring
  • Toothpick
  • A brush

What to do

Let’s prepare a table where the children can lean to create the dream catcher. We will use dyes, albeit food: so we take steps not to get dirty. To begin with, let’s take the plastic plate – it will be the basis of the dream catcher.

Then take the glue and, with the brush,  spread it delicately on the inside of the plate. The plate must be rough, so that the glue, thanks to the many small grooves, is evenly arranged and sets. Eventually we will cut off the outline of the plate, so remember not to draw anything in that part!

We are careful how much glue we put on . In fact, we must not put a layer too thick, otherwise the dye will then be absorbed and practically only the glue will remain. In this case, the drawing will remain very faded. But we also don’t have to put a layer too thin because otherwise the glue will dry quickly and there will be little time to draw.

Building a toy bow

Build a wooden toy bow for kids and shoot miniature arrows! Easy to build and beautiful to decorate!

Let’s find out how to build a wooden arch with recycled materials.

It is a nice activity that helps develop children ‘s inventiveness and their dexterity. It’s easy to build and kids really like to play with. We can even set up targets and run races!

What is needed

  • four ice cream sticks for the bow and someone else for the arrows
  • three rubber bands

How to build the arch

To start, let’s take three toothpicks,  overlap  them and fix them with a rubber band. Then we pull out the inner toothpick a little so that it protrudes beyond the others.

We keep pulling it out as long as we can get it out of  phase in order to guess the curvature of an arc. At this point we must do the same thing on the other side with the last toothpick, to obtain the second part of the arch frame.

Building a camera

Let’s find out how to build a homemade camera, to take pictures with an object created by us. Recycled materials will allow us to immortalize the best moments!

How to build a do-it-yourself camera

It takes simple materials and a little ingenuity to build a camera!

It may not be a state-of-the-art digital camera, but – even better! – an opportunity to rediscover film cameras, those of the very first generation: pinhole cameras. The children do not know that until a few years ago the photographs were not recorded on a bright screen – and let them do it, this leap into the past! Building a camera will be an opportunity to discover how it works!

What is needed

  • a box of snacks, like that of oro ciok
  • a cutter
  • a roll
  • scotch (packet or American)
  • double-sided tape
  • attack
  • A can
  • a pin
  • a clothespin
  • a row

Prepare the camera body

The first step in building a camera is to take the box and open it on the sides . In other words, what we need about the box is its cardboard and its folds, but not its structure.

We must then take the measurements so that the box has the size necessary to become a camera: we will use the roll of film to take the measurement.

Then take the roll and place it on the long side of the box, making the base coincide with the edge. With a felt-tip pen we mark the height of the roll  and draw a line to the other side of the box. It is important to be careful to take the measurement under the small protruding cylinder at the top: we consider only the main body of the roll. Then we repeat the same procedure on the other side of the box.

Build a toy catapult

Build a toy catapult with ice cream sticks and soft pom poms to throw – easy to make and fun to use!

Build a toy catapult with recycled materials

Let’s find out how to build a miniature catapult using seemingly insignificant objects. Given its simplicity, it is suitable to be built even by small children!

With a few recycled materials that we will certainly have no difficulty finding, we will create a game of great fun for children!

Materials needed

  • 5 toothpicks, like those of ice cream
  • rubber bands
  • a plastic teaspoon
  • Scotch tape
  • small colorful pom poms

How to do

To build a catapult, the first thing to do is set up the base. To do this, we take three toothpicks, put them on top of each other and fix them on each side with a rubber band, turning each one over several times.

With the two toothpicks remaining, we do a similar thing: we put them on top of each other but, this time, we tie only one side with an elastic. This is because we need to be able to separate the two toothpicks at one end.

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