cardio training
Home Fitness

Home Gym: The best fitness equipment for your cardio training

Fitness equipment for the home is not only ideal in winter. You can train undisturbed around the clock in your own fitness room. Here you will find the best cardio equipment for your endurance training in the home gym. Tired of subordinating your training plan to the weather? Would you prefer to train undisturbed at home instead of …

wooden toys

Wooden toys: perfect eco-friendly gift

Wooden games for safe and environmentally friendly learning. It is well known that playing is a fundamental activity for the growth and cognitive development of every child. In fact, playful activity supports learning and makes it more stimulating and enjoyable. Making this activity environmentally sustainable is very important. In fact, it helps children and parents to …

classwork space organization
Space Organization

The classroom: the functional organization of space

The organization of space within the classroom is an important element in contributing to better management of the classroom and providing elements of facilitation to pupils with learning difficulties. In the event that pupils with behavioral problems are present, adequate management of the classroom space is essential to make it easier for the teacher to manage and limit the …

Sodium percarbonate

Eco- sustainability made simple: tips and reviews for a green life

Sodium percarbonate, the natural alternative to bleach Sodium percarbonate , a completely natural ally to always have at home for eco-logical cleaning. If cleaning is your weak point and you would like to try to make it greener, this article is for you. Have you ever heard of sodium percarbonate ? No, not bicarbonate, but sodium percarbonate . Read on if …

bird toys
Handmade Toys

DIY Bird Toys: How To Make Bird Toys At Home

Toys are important objects for the mental stimulation of any animal. Here’s how to build DIY toys for birds, especially parrots. Toys are very useful for the mental stimulation of domestic birds, so it is important that they do not harm the bird’s health. For this it may be necessary to make toys at home with non-toxic materials and that …